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When Will These Haswell cpus Come out???Are there many from the previous changes???I have an i7 3770 so is there a big performance change between i7 4770 and 3770??
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  1. benchmarks a few and far between right now they have not been released yet and until they are the performance can change. The release is slated for Q2 of this year but subject to change.

    edit: here's a link
  2. haswell is slated to release in june

  3. There won't be THAT much of a difference, don't worry.
  4. performance wise, intel is "marketing" that it will be great for gamers. of course its a marketing ploy. the one major advantage though is that higher clocks will possibly be obtained for heavy clockers putting it underwater/liquid nitrogen, as both the multiplier and blck will be accessable on the chips readily.

    on the flip side, the chips will be more expensive at launch compared to ivy at launch.
  5. Thnx every1 for the solutions.. I was just afraid that my i7 would be outdated .... Thanks Again:wahoo:
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