simcity (besides bad launch) runs at only 30 fps on my gtx 560 on all low settings!

bought simcity a day ago havent had any problems playing wow, gta 4, minecraft
etc. then started playing this with Med. settings right away and got 20 fps with 1 sec freezes every 10-8 sec or so. lowered graphics to all low and got only 30 fps. i have all drivers up to date. starting to think bad video card.

P.S. vsync and frame cap were not on

gtx 560 non-ti (afterstock cooler(33-37 degrees cel under load)
amd 8120 8-core
Kingston Hyper X 8 gig DDR3-1333
inland 600 watt power supply silver
seagate baracuda hard drive
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  1. maybe there's an option that caps the fps to 30 (or 60)
    not sure though as i dont own the game (wish i have one)
  2. the new simcity won't even push your gpu to the max, and considering you played other games just fine, i don't think it's your gpu. Have you try running furmark or other gpu benchmark tools to test if there's any artifact?
  3. frame cap is not. on about to run furmark
  4. furmark dident show any errors. saw online that the has high cpu usage. is my cpu out of date or are there any free software that can check for errors?
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