Can i put Corsair Air Series Fan to CM Hyper EVO?

Hello im building a rig and i want it to look awesome. I want the components to have the same color scheme white and blue.

Mobo: Gigabyte Z77M-D3H - Blue Color
Case: R3 or TT Commander MS-I or Bitfenix Shinobi (White color)
Cable/Extensions: Blue/White or Blue or White sleeved
Memory: Ripjaws X (Blue)
Cooler: Hyper Evo (wont do much overcloking)

I want to replace the default 120mm fans of the Hyper evo to match the color scheme of the whole rig. Im not an expert in this field and this is my first time building a rig. I am really eyeing the CM Air series 120mm Fans (good looking hite rims) and want to purchase 2 pcs. for push-pull configuration.

The question is , are they compatible, is it possible? or these fans are just for the case?

Also leaning on NZXT (white-colored) fans and DeepCool (Blue-colored) fans. Any suggestions?
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    As long as it physically fits (which it will), then you can use any fan you like. The question of whether you should comes down to fan performance; for example, some 120mm fans aren't good for watercooling even though they physically fit on the radiator. In your case, there will be little (if any) appreciable difference between the two. Go for it.
  2. Yep the fans have std case fan mounting holes so replacing them no problem.
  3. Thank you so much for the confirmation!
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