Asus p8p67 Pro booting issue

Gday.. I have had this build for around a year and it hadn't skipped a beat but starting today it turned itself off. After turning it back on it did the same thing after an hour or so. Tried to start it again and the fans on the side/lights all work but the gpu and cpu fans are dead. There are 2 red LEDs up. VGA and CPU.
I built the pc but I'm still fairly new to it so I googled wtf was going on.. I've tried the cmos reset, fiddled with the ram to no avail. The only other thing that comes up is to try a new power supply because the one I have might have shat itself? Just wanted to double check here to see if any one has had this problem to confirm that it is the psu before I spend around $100 for a trial and error solution. Cheers :)

Asus p8p67 pro
I5 2500k
Gtx 560ti
4gb ram (2x2)
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  1. Ok I feel so stupid right now. The pins weren't in all the way.. I need some sleep -.- lol
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