drop in fps

im playing dead space 3 at the moment..the game runs fine for the first 10 20 mins.it then starts lagging badly.if i restart the game it happens again..and its happening for all the games.
i have an i3, 4 gbs of ram and 1 gb geforce 210 graphics card
help plz
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  1. Upgrade your video card
  2. Check your temps.

    While your video card (and maybe your cpu) needs to be upgraded, if your game is running fine for the first 20 minutes, that isn't the issue unless it's overheating.
  3. bigcyco1 said:
    Upgrade your video card

    but the same is happening with assasins creed 3..and ive played it before and it ran perfect back then
  4. gpu temp is around 90..is it too high..??
  5. and the core temp is about 64..
    help plz
  6. arpitbhatia said:
    gpu temp is around 90..is it too high..??
    That's way to hot anything over 75 is bad.
  7. +1 the GPU is overheating. Upgrading it is the best option as its a seriously underpowered card but you could add more case fans to try to help it.
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