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I would like to use an A10-5800K as the processor in a laptop, but so far have not found a motherboard for use with a laptop's casing. I would buy the case based on the mobo's form factor, but I cannot find one so far. Failing this, what is the greatest AMD processor for a laptop? Thanks. I also did not know whether to post this to processor, motherboard, or components, so just chose components.
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    parts for a custom built laptops are very rare and are costly compared to ones already sold in shops, much more so for parts that are meant for desktops to be used on a laptop. in fact, i'm not afraid to say the parts you're looking for doesn't exist.

    so you're either left with going for a laptop with an A10-4600M, or build a crudely customized "laptop" using a desktop A10 + misc components and a suitcase as the chassis.
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