PC freezes durning games.

I'm new to those kinds of forums and yeah...ekhm.
I can't find solution myself, so maybe someone with much more experience will help me.

I have 4GB RAM DDR3, GF 9800 GT (512mb), Windows 7 64 bit, And Processor Intel core 2 duo.

The problem is, my PC freezes durning some games and i have to hard reset it.
When it freeze i can see some pixel dots, they are in one place, sometimes in the upper right sometimes somewhere else but always some dots in one place, sound sometimes stops sometimes goes for 2 minutes and then stops.
I deleted operating system and installed it again but the problem still stands.

My temps are:
GPU - ~40 idle and max ~70 gaming.
CPU - ~40 idle and max ~65 gaming.

Here is list of some games and the freez frequency.

League of Legends - Never.
New Tomb Raider - Never.
GTA IV - Never.
Far Cry 3 - Random sometimes after 5 minutes, sometimes after 2h.
Mirror's Edge - Often after ~10 min.
Warframe - Often after ~10min.
Skyrim - just like Far Cry 3, sometimes after 5 mins, sometimes after 2h.
Guild Wars 2 - I have played many, many hours and it freezed one time, but it happend.
DmC - 73 hours played, freezed 2 times.
The Walking Dead - Never.
Portal - Never.
Tera online - Never.
Killing Floor - Never.

I want to play Mirror's Edge but i can't, instead i have to play Killing Floor.
It's like my PC chooses the games i can play :|...

Thanks for the help, i hope i can fix it, if not... Meh, i will start thinking about new PC.

Sorry for my english.
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    When did this start? It sounds like the card may just be giving up on you, since it's happening in the most graphically intense games the most often and you already reinstalled you OS.
  2. Thanks! It really was a graphics card! I took it out, cleaned it from heavy dust, and played two full levels of Mirror's Edge and 1 hour of Warframe without a problem!
    I hope it will stay that way!
    Thanks for the tips!
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