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Does anyone kniow of a utility that would allow you to click once anywhere on the desktop and this would in effect do the same as 'Show desktop'.

So if I have three windows open and click in a small space of viewable desktop, then the whole desktop appears and all the icons are minimised? Almost as if the Desktop was an active full-screen window that can become the prominent window when clicked upon...

I know about the 'show desktop' shortcut but I want to access this by clicking anywhere on the desktop!
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  1. Click on the small bar on the right side of the clock in the task bar.
  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the response. I am aware of that button, but I was hoping there was a utility whereby you can click anywhere on the desktop to minimise all other windows - meaning I don't have to click in the very bottom right of the screen each time. I have several monitors and the mouse pointer bounces onto the other screens very easily making it harder to always hit the button easily.
  3. Upgrade to win8 and get a taskbar on every screen or try this:
  4. Stuck with Win 7 - its a work PC!

    And it would still be great to be able to click anywhere you can see the desktop to bring it to the foreground...
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