Samsung 840 250Gb VS Samsung 840 Pro 128Gb

title says it all, i can get the 840(non pro) 250Gb for $190 or the 840 Pro 128Gb for $145
what are your thoughts?
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  1. 840Pro for $145. It's faster and cheaper, and probably enough space.
    128GB fits OS, all programs, and 2-4 games. Do you need more than this?

    That's what I do with a 120GB SSD and I have 20% space yet. I don't notice a difference in load times for launching games, but I do have the 2 games I play the most on my SSD cuz they are so much used.

    Also, smaller SSDs are good for those that save a little money and have backup HDDs.
  2. yea true but my Pc doesnt have much HDD storage either, i only have a 160Gb and a 250Gb HDD in it :L so i was thinking the 250Gb SSD but ive heard good things about the Pro version
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    it's for you, if you want all your program, games, photo, video on it, go with 840 non pro otherwise the 128gb is enough for windows and programs but i suggest an other HDD for games (as many are 10gb+ now...)

    The 840 non pro compare much to a Crucial M4, fantastic read speed but slow write speed (still many times faster than a HDD) Personnaly i use the M4 for my windows partition and i have no problem at and can't tell the difference even if the M4 is slower in write (while you think, you only write when you install or save a file so that make no importance at all)

    i'll personally get the 840 non pro 250gb for installing all my stuff on it without the need to check everytime when installing something or saving a big video...

    PS: Windows 7 64 bits install with all drivers and updates take only about 35-40gb so the rest is the space you have to work with, make your maths ;)
  4. yea i was thinking of getting the non pro because of the price and i was planning on not spending over $1 a Gb
  5. Honestly, I'd actually go for the 250gp non-pro version because you may find that 128gb is not actually that hard to fill up these days. My ssd is 256gb and i've filled up 70% of it just on games, the OS and a few other miscellanous programs and documents. And I can't even install all my games on it. Most games now will require around 10gb each or more, especially if you play any sort of mmo. AAA titles for the PC run around 11-12gb each.

    However, if you are going to be in the market for a new HDD anytime soon, then go for the 128gb pro version and used the saved money towards a new HDD that is 1TB. You probably won't have storage problems for a long time.

    Also, between the Pro and non-Pro versions, you probably wouldn't notice much of a difference in terms of speed. The 250gb one is already "good enough".
  6. i think i might just get the 250Gb for later down the track, towards the end of this year or early next year im gonna upgrade my system so ill just get a new HDD then
  7. Yeah, i have a 128gb for windows, a 180gb Intel 330 only for Steam and games and it's almost full so 250gb is surely a better option if you have many games/programs
  8. i currently only have 3 games, only cuz ive had my PC for like a month but ill be gettting more thats for sure and for that price i cant say no
  9. Go for it and have fun then !!!
  10. or if you could suggest a better SSD
    thats where i will be purchasing from the SSDs are in the top row centered, they're labled too
    again i dont really want to go over $1 Gb
  11. with the price of this reatailler, you have the best bang for the buck... You could consider the Intel 520 as Intel have the best overall quality, mtbf and reliability and stand behind their product if you have any issue nut you'll break the 1$/gb...

    Also if you could find a Crucial M4, you'll pay under 1$/gb and they're awesome as Crucial keep updating their firmware even for their old drive (i've bought mine ab out 1 year ago with 420mb/s read speed and with all the latest firmware i'm now at 545mb/s read speed and write also goes up to about 350mb/s from 180mb/s without the need to pay a single bucks more)

    PS: stay away from OCZ, they have bad reputation... (plus i've answered a guy last week about coil whine noise and it finally turn out that this was the OCZ Vertex 4 that was doing it, not the GPU or the Motherboard...)
  12. i dont of any places in AUS that sell the M4 :( even ebay doesnt have any under $1 Gb
  13. Grab the 840 then, it's your best option
  14. Alrighty cheers
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