need advice about graphics card

Would you go with a single GTX 690 (eventually upgraded to dual) or a single GTX Titan.
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  1. GTX 690 but wouldn't pair it with another.
    If you want to pair something later then GTX Titan is the best card as after a year price will go doen 30%-50%
  2. Have u read the Toms article on the Titan...?
  3. So single GTX 690 or single GTX titan?
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    If you're eventually looking to go with two, I'd get the 690. The first 690 will get you more performance than a single Titan and two will give you around 3 Titans worth of performance. Also, by the time you'd get around to considering a fourth Titan, you'd be on your way to buying the next generation of graphics cards.

    What kind of motherboard do you have? Monitor setup?
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