Touchpad mouse not working anymore?

Hello Tom's,

All of a sudden my touchpad stopped working in my Gateway Solo 9100 laptop (going to be used as a Linux Box). Not detected in either XP or Linux (have a dual boot). It was working a few days ago.

Checked the Fn keys, did a system restore - nothing.

It is enabled in BIOS, however, when the BIOS boots up it does not identify the mouse anymore.

On this system, the keyboard is separate from the mouse on the mobo, but the speakers are tied in with the touchpad on the mobo connection. Speakers work fine. If they didn't I know that it would be the connection.

Any ideas?

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    Plug in an external mouse (so you can navigate around) and open up Device Manager (you can plug Devmgmt.msc into Run). Go under "Mice and other pointing devices" and look to see if the touchpad shows up at all/if it has a driver.
  2. Ed,

    I did figure it out - it was a loose connection on the plug to the mobo. I'll give you the correct answer because you responded.

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