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I own a Toshibs Satellite Laptop computer (C855D-S5354).
Serial No: 9C202690Q.
Part No: PSCBQU-004005.
I require a Recovery Disk/s for the computer, as it now will not start up normally.
It starts with a black screen and then writing, saying, "Checking Media...Fail"
It says that two times and then says, "No Bootable Device...Please Restart System".
If there any free Recovery cd`s out there, could someone direct me to the right place. If not, the cheapest place i could obtain them from.
Thank you all.
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  1. Most newer laptops ship with a hidden recovery partition on their HDD, with a prompt during setup to create recovery disks. Since it appears that your HDD has crashed, it is a little too late to create that disc now. Your best bet would be to get in touch with Toshiba about purchasing the recovery disc or possibly getting a replacement HDD if it is still under warranty.
  2. +1. Your best bet is going to be talking with Toshiba. Get in touch with their support and they should be able to get some recovery disks to you (possibly for a small fee), or replace the hard drive if the system is still under warranty.
  3. Thanks for the info. I appreciated it. I have 2 questions tho.
    Firstly, if i bought the new Windows 8 OS, and put the cd into the disc drive, would it install with no problems?
    Secondly, my wife has her laptop which is the same as mine. Could I transfer one OS to another computer?
  4. If your HDD is indeed dead or dying, then it is futile to install a new OS on it. As far as using your wife's laptop, If it is truly the same as yours, just use it to create the recovery disc, then try using that to recover your HDD. you can't transfer one laptop's os to another laptop.
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