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I am planning to build a gaming PC/HTPC using an Intel Haswell i5-4670 CPU. However, after Intel confirmed that there was a problem with Haswell detecting USB 3.0 devices after exiting sleep mode and I use a USB 3.0 External HDD to both listen and store my music collection, I have decided to hold off until Intel fixes the problem.

My question is, would the USB 3.0 problem be resolved by getting a C2 version Haswell CPU or would both the CPU and motherboard have to be revised into a C2 configuration?

I don't want to spend a lot of money to build a PC and have to reconnect my external HDD everytime I wake my computer up from sleep mode.
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  1. Your question is academic because the Haswell has only been released to OEMs for design and testing purposes. I doubt that Intel will approve of the final release until the problem is resolved. And, only if it is not, will your question have any significance.

    The sun may not rise tommorrow, and then all your problems will be resolved.
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    There was already an article saying that C2 fixed that. They are only shipping fixed products to consumers.

    "To resolve this issue, Intel has now issued an official Product Change Notification (PCN) that alters the chipset stepping from C1 to C2, a hardware fix that is expected to affect the delivery dates of a fairly wide range of products."

    Edit: Ok I looked anyways.,21896.html
  3. FWIW The Asus z87 boards at Tiger Direct are NOT C2 Stepping and Newegg customer Service refused to check the AA number for me. Either way it sounds like the new boards won't be available till the end of the month.
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