Updates Screwed up and cant Reinstall

For some reason my updates wont update all the way. I always get the ""failure to update. reconfiguring files" error. After getting this over and over and not being able to install my updates (and it sucks cuz everytime i turn my computer off, it goes this same process) I decided to format my drive. But now for some reason i cant even boot from the CD. Now it is saying "Couldnt find BOOTMGR" Please help. I just got this SSD 2 days ago and i just wanna be able to use my computer without this crap happening.
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  1. First, Use a program to DELETE all partitions on the SSD.
    .. From Windows Installatiodisk, Select Custom install and on page that shows SSD (HDDs) select advanced and delete all partitions. Exit Install and reboot.
    2nd Verify Bios is set to AHCI
    3rd Retry installing windows.

    If windows does not delete all partitions:
    To delete all partitions: download UBCD ISO and create a bootable Iso CD.
    Boot to CD and select a patitioning program.
    UBCD info: http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/

    NOTE: Do NOT just copy the ISO to a CD like you would a file. Must select copy a image (ISO).
  2. Umm, Chief, warn the OP that this will wipe out the OS installation! This sounds, to me, like an SSD that boots at the moment.

    Also, were it me, I'd do a Secure Erase of the SSD.

    But Chief and I agree, we hope you can scrub the SSD, set the correct controller mode, and do a fresh install. I strongly suggest that the SSD be the only drive attached at the time of install, or you may end up booting from your old hard drive!

    Useful articles: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/20821-63-useful-articles-windows-users
  3. ^ OP said " Now it is saying "Couldnt find BOOTMGR" "
    This is after he did a fresh Install, so not losing anything with a new install.

    You are correct - a Secure Erease would be a good recommendation. For just a plain jane re-install I often skip this, but if the SSD is giving problems then it should be considered a MUST.
    Good catch on the "Disconnect HDD" be for installing OS to a SSD
    - not so much as may boot to HDD, but the fact that windows may install that small system partition on the HDD which means if the HDD is disconnected aftwards, swapped out, or dies, he will NOT be able to boot to the SSD.

    ADDED: PS, if your only problem was with Updates, it would have been simpler to just do a "upgrade" of windows7->windows7 as that would probably corrected your problem. My wife's system had a simular problem with updates, after trying several several fixes (usoft suggest) and finally used their suggest on doing the upgrade method to fix.
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