MY MSI GTX 560 TI TWIN FRONZ II OC crashes in games if i overclock it why?

I decided to overclock my MSI GTX 560 TI TWIN FRONZ II OC 2 GB. Stock clocks are 880 core 1100 memory. So i went the core from 880 to 970 and memory from 1100 to 1300. I notice that if at these settings i try to play games(no matter what games i will play ) it crashes after few minutes. It gives the error that display driver has stopped working. Why is this happening? I saw in many overclock forums people have managed to overclock their msi 560 ti to 1100 core and it is still stable at gaming even at demanding games. So why mine crashes during games at 970 mhz when other people have overclocked to 1100 mhz and they dont have such problems in gaming? I didnt touch the voltages by the way. But i saw that the voltage is set to 1025 and it can go up to 1087 in Afterburner. Yes i am using afterburner to overclock it.
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  1. just asumming, unstabe overclock gpu .. oc memory can cause that , try lower oc .. and ran at kombustor or fumark
  2. But as i have said have see people with exactly the same gpu as mine to have it working at 1100 mhz but i notice that these people said that they have also increased the voltage of gpu while i have not. So maybe the cause of the crash in games might be that for a 970 mhz+ on core it will also needs more voltage?
  3. 1. Not all Gpu's are created equally
    2. People lie
  4. Just makes me shake my head when people will believe anything they see on YouTube or any other site when it pertains to performance of a PC. jpoos said it right, people lie.
  5. thanks. tbh i'd start out with whatever oc software your using, put the gpu to stock clocks, fire up furmark & Heaven, then slowly work the gpu's core clock up alittle at a time until you've reached the limit of what's achievable on stock voltage. once you've found core limit, i'd then set the core back to default & repeat the process using the memory clock. voila, mission accomplished. if you feel the desire to push voltage for a higher clock after that, go for it, but it's probably gonna void warranty if you screw up. enjoy.
  6. Plus, your card comes OC'd already, so you have to keep that in mind.
  7. thought i would throw this in.

    I overclocked my gpu. it passed all these tests that i ran(furmark, heavenly). but when it came time to play games, the oc revealed its self to be unstable. I set it back to the default state and haven't had a problem yet.
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