660ti SLI PCI-e 2.0 or gtx 680 PCI-e 3.0

Hi everyone,
I have one msi gtx 660ti/oc running PCIe 3.0, I7 3770 ivy bridge
on a 55" 3d 240hz 1080p sony TV
My Asus sabertooth Z77 only has one 3.0 slot

so my questions is should I add another 660ti in SLI at 2.0
or should I just buy 1 670/680 and use it at 3.0

Thanks guys!
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  1. That motherboard has two PCIe 3.0 slots which will run at 16x with a single card and 8x/8x with two cards.

    Two 660tis will give you better performance than a single 680, but you could probably get good money for the 660ti.

    I would buy the 670 or 680 (which, in itself is an upgrade over a 660ti) and grab another 670 or 680 in the future by selling the 660ti you currently own.
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