Cant use full SSD?

I just managed to install Windows 8 onto a Samsung 840 pro 128GB. This is a new build and at first the system did not recognise the SDD and the windows installation asked for a driver to be installed. Anyway I restarted the whole process again and it did recognise it but it says that it is a 119GB drive. So I installed windows and now I am writing this from the new computer.

The properties of the drive says that it has a capacity of 118 GB. What is going on?
10 GB went where?
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    128GB is based off of a 1,000mb/gb ratio. Microsoft uses a 1024mb/gb conversion, so it appears smaller. It's still 128GB.
  2. This is completely normal. HDD's are always smaller than what they state. The reason behind this is the fact that the measurments of HDD sizes are calculated in different ways (GiB (2^30 bytes) vs GB (1x10^9 bytes). The Manufacture is giving you a size in GiB and Windows is showing you GB. Gibibyte vs Gigabyte.
  3. Thanks. I wish I could choose both answers as best solutions.
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