Should I go with the gtx 650 ti boost 2gb superclocked??

I'm currently getting all the parts ordered for my first pc build. I'm building it for gaming..on a bit of a budget.

I'm thinking the gtx 650 ti boost superclocked is looking like the best option. I don't want to spend more that $230 on the graphics card. The gtx 650 ti boost superclocked is $179 on newegg right now.

Should I stick with the 650ti boost? will it make much of a difference to go up to a slightly more expensive card?(that isn't more than $230)

Motherboard:ASUS M5A78L-M LX PLUS
Processor: AMD Phenom II 965 Black edition
Ram:Corsair Vengeance(2x4gb)
Power supply: Dynex 520w
Hdd:WD Blue 1TB
Optical Drive: Samsung dvd drive x24
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  1. The GTX 650 Ti Boost is the best Performance per Dollar card right now.

    However, there are some excellent deals on the GTX 660 right now as well. For the same price, $179 after rebate, you can bump up to the GTX 660 EVGA Superclocked.

    Or go for a custom MSI or Zotac model GTX 660 for $10 more, $189 after rebate.

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