Stable Overclock for Sapphire 7970 Ghz Vapor X card?

I own a 7970 Ghz Vapor X by Sapphire. I am currently running on stock speeds... it is still VERY fast. However, I would like to OC it to really make the most of this card.

Without touching the voltage, what is a good clockspeed/memory setting to put the card to? I am planning on using the AMD Overdrive software that comes with the AMD Catalyst software. Also kind of a newbie.

My PC set up..

Asrock Z77 extreme 4
i5 2500 k (not OC'ed)
120 SSD for boot
2TB 5400 RPM for media
1TB 7200 RPM for game storage (Seagate Baracuda)
Sapphire AMD 7970 Ghz Vapor X
1050 Corsair PSU Silver certified(got it really cheap)
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  1. You cant adjust voltage anyway. Vapor-X cards are locked. Just increase the slider on CCC by 50MHz at a time, test with a GPU strestest like heaven bench while watching temps till you get artifacts or unacceptable temps. Keep it under 90C under max load.
  2. I have the same problem with you

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