M15x playing Simcity 2013

Hi so I got an Alienware M15x
Specs: i7 1.60
4 GB Ram
GT 240 1GB VDDR5
1900 x 1080 HD
Question is... can I run Simcity smoothly at close to high settings on this set up? If not what should I upgrade? And what do you recommend.. plus since I'm here what do you think my possiblities are for StarCraft 2? Thanks...
I've been having one hell of a time finding gameplay info related to my GT 240 1GB set up! So please help.
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    Just don't play SimCity 2013. (My personal opinion). I loved SimCity, but the reboot was just atrocious.

    Anyways, with a 240, you won't be able to play it at high. The recommended level of cards for SimCity on high are around the GTS 450 - GTX 275 range. Medium would be more around the playable range, I'd think.

    Starcraft would be about the same.
  2. That pretty much answers my digging question this past week lol.
    Is Simcity really that bad though?? Cause my girlfriend really wants to play this game. she likes city building games aka RTS.
    Does it get a bad reputation being a bad remake of many previous predecessors?
    Or can SimCity stand alone as a Great RTS with somewhat impressive graphics without any comparable background?
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