Can the Zalman 500-GS support this gaming build?

I'm thinking of buying a Zalman 500-GS as it's very well priced and looks to be solid. Here's my gaming build:

CPU - AMD FX 6300 (overclocked @ 4.0Ghz per core)
Motherboard - AsRock 990FX Extreme3
GPU - MSI TF GTX 650 Ti Boost
Memory - Kingston HyperX 2x4GB @ 1866mhz
Case - Zalman Z11 Plus (comes with 2 LED fans and 3 non-LED fans)

Will the Zalman 500-GS be able to support this system when gaming?

If it does, will it also be able to support getting a second GPU and using SLI?

If it doesn't support my system, can you suggest the best priced one that will, and will also support 2 way SLI with two 650 Ti Boosts?

Thank you :)
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  1. With 34 amps @ 12 volts, running the system with a single video card should be no problem. It would be getting closer to the limit once you pushed up to a second card.

    It also seems to have both its 8 and 6 pin attached(this means they have it designed to deliver 225 watts on those 2 connectors alone[75+150]). So if it reaches you may be able to pull off a second card, but I think the cable would not make it.
  2. So, to confirm, I'll have no problem with one GPU, but I'll probablt run into a few issues with the second.

    Could you recommend a PSU that would be able to support the second?

    Thanks :)
  3. Hmmm, it's built by CWT and is not 80+ certified; I'd consider it middling at best, but it should have no trouble with a GTX650Ti Boost.
    It only has 34A of +12V though, so I don't think it's quite enough to SLI a pair of them. You might be using 12A for your overclocked CPU, each of those cards has a TDP of 134W which is a hair over 11A; that's over 34A already, without considering drives and fans. Even though you'll only pull that under a high load (e.g. benchmarking), throw in capacitor aging, and I think it's not going to work, or if it does, won't last and could end badly.
  4. Most 500-600 watt power supplies from Antec/XFX/Corsair/Seasonic/OCZ/PC Power and Cooling/FSP/ect.

    Your power supply should have enough power(your overclock is not that much). You just lack proper connectors.

    Simply put, many users do not recommend using power supply adapters. So you want to see at LEAST 2 6 pin connectors on separate wires.

    Again, Your power supply should have the power as they give one 6/8 and another 6 pin on the same cable. They seem to have designed for a single card.
  5. The Corsair "Builder" models are made by CWT, not Seasonic, using some inferior Samxon capacitors known for early failure (in particular, they don't like heat). While not a "bad" PSU, there are much better choices. Anything built by Seasonic (their own, XFX, some Antec) would be best.
  6. Phew! This is hard! :P

    How about the XFX ProSeries Core Edition?

    Could I get away with the 450W with my build or should I go for the 550W?

    Thanks again - you guys are great! :D
  7. XFX PSUs are made by Seasonic, so they're excellent. If you want to run two cards in SLI, get the 550W model. If you'll only run one (and have no plans to upgrade to a significantly stronger card), the 450W model would be enough. In your place, I'd get the 550W one if I could afford it.
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