Nosy fan after recovery from bios crash

Hi All, I just received some excellent help in restoring my computer to working condition in this forum, strangely my silent fan is no longer silent and I'm getting fan error messages on boot up, even with the bios set for silent running.
The long story is after upgrading to Win 7 my custom made P5K computer with Fireface 800 audio attached no longer worked as well as it did under XP. I've switched to 64 bit gotten more ram and a new larger hard drive, but continued to have a few audio problems so I decided to look at the Bios. I'm not really a tech head and should have left well enough alone. Next thing I knew it was booting at all.
So with the reset it works again but is no longer quite.
What gives?
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  1. Does it do it at all times or just on boot? There are settings specifically to change the fan speed using PWM/etc. Make sure you didn't change one of those to the improper setting. And you are sure the BIOS is not set to run fan @ 100%?
  2. I'm not sure what PWM/ means I did select for the cpu to control the fans. There wasn't a 100% setting just one that seemed to list the current temp or auto I selected the later which appeared to be the default.
    Also all the fans appear to be working, just not as stealthily. Since I had this computer designed for it's silent running for audio this sudden change is a drag.
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