Builing subwoofer box for a car

We don't really have a place for car audio and the speaker category would be closer than the car I would believe. Anyways I have a 12" Alpine Type R Model SWR-1243D I wanted to build a decent ported box for it. Parameters are Here

I don't have any experience building sub woofer boxes and I stumbled across this forum for free Ported box plans

So I was just going to go with one of these, I've heard they like large boxes so I was going with the 2.5@32HZ, Does anyone have any advice on this. Any help is much appreciated. I'd rather go with plans to go by.

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  1. I have some experience in building boxes, most of the time I have just purchased boxes from local car audio shops, some of the tools you will need are as follows:

    I will list cutting tools in order of suitablity from best to inconvenient (for cutting straight pieces of wood):

    1) Table Saw
    2) Circular Saw
    3) Jigsaw
    4) Hand Saw

    I will list cutting tools in order of suitablity from best to inconvenient (for cutting contour (circles angles) pieces into wood):

    1) Router (woodworking)
    2a) Jigsaw
    2b) Wood file or fine rasp (for smoothening portholes and speaker holes if jigsaw is used)

    An electric drill and various sized drillbits for drilling screw holes and pilot holes for use with a jigsaw (2 to 3 mm for screw holes and 8mm for pilot holes).

    Other hand tools and utensils:

    1) Pencil/Marker/Chalk
    2) Ruler/Tape Measure
    3) Compass (Mathmatics) for marking circles

    Materials required:

    1) MDF Wood (1/2" inch minimum thickness, 3/4" inch maximum thickness)
    2) Wood Glue (around 300mls)
    3) A lot of screws (around a 100x) around 1" inch to 1 1/2" depending on thickness of MDF

    As for porting I have found that small ports produce around a 2" diameter produce sharper louder bass kicks and larger 3 1/2" diameter or multiported 2" diameter ports produce lower bass tones with rumble and softer kicks.

    Build the box according to the type of music you listen to and good luck with your project.
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