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I have an old gaming rig and i want to upgrade to be able to play planetside on medium to high.So here's what I've got so far:
Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3
CPU - Phenom II X4 965
GPU - PowerColor Radeon HD6870
I'm no expert but i think thats pretty decent.The thing is I have no idea which psu to buy.If you could suggest me one at 85$ i'd be much obliged.Also feel free to suggest another gpu around 180$ if you think it's better.
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  1. Might as well get a 7770 instead of a 6870.(Or better yet, a 7850.)
  2. Pretty much any 500w PSU will run that. That's pretty much the exact set up that I have for my kids machine (different MB, but 965BE, and 6870). I've always been really disappointed with it's gaming performance. I think I have most of the settings on medium at 1920x1080 on that machine and it runs well enough to play.

    Something like would work just fine.
  3. Thanatos Telos said:
    Might as well get a 7770 instead of a 6870.(Or better yet, a 7850.)

    A 7770 is significantly slower than a 6870. A 7850 is a nice choice, but more expensive. Though that PSU I linked is only 50 bucks, so if you have 215 to spend on a graphics card (180 + 35 left over from the PSU) then it would be a great choice, that same PSU will power that just fine too.

    I actually have a 7850 going in to my 965BE machine since I upgraded my main machine from a 7850 to a 670 a couple weeks ago. Not sure how much time I have, but I could probably get some FPS numbers in PS2 as a really rough guide on the difference.
  4. Wow,i didn't expect so many answers so quickly!
    Thanks a lot guys!
  5. So, I finally had the motivation I needed to get the 7850 in to the kids machine. So I ran PS2 for about 10 minutes in a huge battle at medium, and then 10 minutes at high. Swapped out from the 6870 up to the 7850 and did the same thing again. Turns out that in larger battle the CPU is too slow anyway and that's what slowing things down, so in both cases I averaged about 37fps in medium and right around 30 on high. In times where it was fast both cards were fast enough to not really care about FPS anyway. I can grab the frame time files if you really want to pick them apart.

    The 7850 is still in general the better card, but specifically for PS2 and it seems like when the huge battle happen it doesn't matter as much which one you choose anyway. You may think about saving some cash on the 7850, get the 6870, and spend some cash on a nice cooler for the 965be so you can overclock a larger amount. (Mine runs at about 3.7Ghz. Just a slight OC because it's a stock cooler).
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