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OK, so i know Windows 7 Home Premium recognizes up to 16 gb of ram and Pro recognizes up to 32 gb of ram. Does the ram amount of your graphics card get factored into this as well?

Like if i have 2 gb graphics card and have 16 ram installed, will Home Premium only use 14 from the ram and get the other 2 from the graphics card?
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    Nope, it just system RAM.
  2. Alright thx
  3. No the system memory is not including video memory as the other poster has said but system memory can be used by the os when there's more video ram is required. For example when you got a 1gb card but the game is asking for 1.5gb then the system memory namely the dimms will step in to action by os. If you got 2gb that's considered enough video ram for a graphics card @1080p so you don't/won't need system memory. Also 4gb or more system memory requires a 64bit windows. Thank you.
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