Should I Change The Stock Fan on i5 3750k With These Temps?

im currently using my computer for gaming
mainly games that are not to taxing such as counter strike and simcity 5
getting temps of about 37c-41c after laying 2-6 hours currently have a zalman z9 case with 4 x 120mm fans also running a sapphire 7950 stock
adding 2 more 120mm fans in a couple of weeks and been looking at some cpu fans my question is would this cpu fan/heatsink

be overkill for my set up??

also i have n plans to overclock the cpu anytme soon
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    Those temps are fine for no overclock but if you plan to overclock then a hyper 212 evo would be a nice cheaper option which gives good overclocking headroom.
  2. Haha, you're perfectly fine.

    If you aren't overclocking, you don't need a new cooler, and temps of 40 degrees are nothing - the 3570k can easily sustain temps in the low 70s without harm.
  3. thanks i might consider the evo if i do ever decide to oc
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