PP06 cables compatible with TT PSU

I have a TT semi-modular psu and was wondering if anyone knew if the silverstone pp06 cables would work. I don't need the 24 pin atx or the 8pin atx, just the others.
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    I'm going to recommend against attempting to use cables from one brand in another PSU but if you have them on hand and they look like they'll fit and the temptation is just too much not to try... I will highly recommend the use of a multimeter to make sure the pinout voltages are correct.

    I will venture to add here, you can get custom modular cables for your PSU as a (IMO) more viable option, with length, length between connectors, color, sleeving all to your specs
  2. I was going to use if I end up going with Custom cable sleeving, but figured it'd be easier if I could just buy some presleeved that looked amazing. Thank you though, your insight at least gave me knowledge not to do that. haha I know little to nothing of electrical engineering. :P
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