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Hello, recently upgraded my CPU from AMD PHENOM 1055t x2x6 to AMD FX 8350 and wow I feel like the upgrade unleashed the graphics card 7970 that I had in with the 1055t. The performance and visuals are quite outstanding compared to what it was before. I hear the term bottleneck and I seem to think that was what was going on with the last CPU can someone please explain. thank you....
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  1. Simple

    The CPU is not able to feed enough data fast enough to the graphics card, your new CPU can feed the data faster so the GPU is not waiting on data
  2. Bottle neck is when one component cant keep up with another. Like say you have a slow CPU and a fast GPU the slow CPU cant process the gpu data fast enough then you would have a bottle neck.
  3. ^1 to both above posters they are both correct. Graphic cards currently are very much more powerful then most non modern CPU's and so they need a bit more power behind it to get it rolling.The 8350 most deff would showcase a larger leap for yourself.
  4. So how about a crossfire 7970 that would be my next big upgrade how would that effect the new cpu thanks for your input guys
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    Unless you have have a situation that can really use that power of two 7970's I'd avoid it. If you aren't using 3+ monitors or pushing insane resolutions 1x 7970 is plenty. I would say two 7970's on a 8350 probably would push it near its limits in terms of what graphic power it could output.
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