32GB of Ram slower than 16GB of Ram...help?

I recently upgraded my memory from 16GB (4x4) of Kingston HyperX 1600 to 32GB (8x4) of Corsair Vengeance 1866 and my boot time added about 40 seconds. Before the memory upgrade, from off to on, my entire boot took about 30 seconds (pretty good for a mechanical drive IMO) On top of that my programs run/load slower now.

Here are my hardware specs:

ASRock Z77 Extreme6 MOBO
Intel i7-2600k
Corsair Vengeance 32GB DDR3 1866
1TB 7200rpm WD caviar black HDD
Nvidia GeForce GT430 (not the greatest i know)
Corsair GS800 PSU

There is no overclocking involved and I've tried a couple suggestions including switching on the onboard graphics, but that made no difference. I also loaded the xmp for my new memory to my bios recognizes 1866. Windows also recognizes all 32gb. Any suggestions would be really helpful as I really don't want to return the memory :(
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  1. Do the timings are the same, you could have 1866 CL11 (even 10) that will be slower than 1600 CL9...

    make sure your disk is defragmented (unless you have an SSD as boot device)

    if you reinstall the old ram does the system boot faster now or it's still pretty slow ??
  2. The CL on the kingston is 9 where as the Corsair is 10, but would that really make that big of a difference? Disk is 2% fragmented and won't go any lower. Also, when I put the original Kingston set back in it boots up just as quickly as before (roughly 30 seconds) so its definitely the memory.
  3. Lower the speed to 1600 cl9.
  4. is you virtual memory set on a fix size? also, is hibernation on?
  5. Try doing what K1114 said. Also, I would like to point out that the i7-2600K technically only supports dual channel memory at 1333MHz max speeds.
  6. K1114, Tried your suggestion and still the same result. I actually even lowered the speed to the i7's 1333 and it was actually worse.

    rdd1101: virtual memory is set to automatic and hibernation is off
  7. unless you need a lot of virtual memory set it to 16MB to 6144MB (6GB)
  8. I think I may have fixed it. Still testing, but what I ended up doing was loading all of the defaults/auto settings for the bios setup and I'm now getting about the same boot time (between 30-40 seconds) as my Kingston set. Possibly some setting related to the kingston memory was saved into the bios and not matching up with the corsair set. I will also try lowering the virtual memory and see if that increases performance as well.
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