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Ok. Here is the situation. Windows 8. We can not get a hardwired Internet connection for at least 6 months. We have been given an AT&T Hot Spot for internet access. Workss good but slow. We need to allow everybody to print to the one network printer that we have via a hardwired connection. I have a Linksys (non wireless) Router giving out 192.168.2.xx. The Hot Spot gives me 192.168.1.xx. Whenever I have a hardwire connection, it refuses to go out the wireles connection for the internet. Any suggestions
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  1. The reason this is happening is that when you connect to the Linksys router, its DHCP server is specifying itself as your default gateway. And that's overriding the default gateway specified by the wireless hotspot. To correct the problem, you need to NOT USE the DHCP server on the Linksys (in fact, disable it so no one else makes the same mistake) and instead assign a static IP and netmask to your wired connection (e.g.,, and NO DEFAULT GATEWAY.

    Of course, you'll want to do the same w/ any other wired clients on that Linksys network, including the printer.
  2. That worked great. Thanks for the help....
  3. Eibgrad you state change the ip and netmask on the wired device but my question is do you have to change the ip of the router or leave it at
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