AMD FX-8350 Motherboard?

What's a good motherboard for a AMD FX-8350 in a gaming desktop? Price isn't too much of an issue. Willing to drop up to $250'ish.
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  1. In that range, I would look at the Asus 990FX Crosshair V Formula Z, the Asus 990 FX Sabertooth, the ASrock 990FX Extreme9, and the Gigabyte 990FX UD7.

    Personal recommendation, if you're going to OC get the Crosshair V Formula Z, if you are on the fence about OC'ing or not, the Sabertooth is still a good board, but less geared toward hardcore OC.
  2. if you want to upgrade you graphics card more or just get something cheaper and save money go for the Asus M5A97 r 2.0
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