Dell XPS 8300 - new case + new PSU - Solid amber light. Still boots perfectly.

I decided to begin upgrading my system and started by getting a new case and power supply so that i can continue to upgrade in the near future. I used everything else from my Dell xps 8300. So that includes ram, motherboard, cpu, optical drive, hard drives, etc.

The upgrade went smoothly. The only problem is that as soon as i plug in the power cable to the power supply an amber light next to cpu connector turns on. Its labeled as AUX. I tried to research it but never found a straight answer. They say that it is usually a motherboard problem or a PSU problem. But in all of the situations i read, the system would not boot. Meanwhile, my system boots and it even boots faster than before. (around 30 seconds).

I also ran the full Dell diagnostic of the system from the support site and passed with flying colors. I tried resetting all connections to the motherboard and letting the power drain out of the system for an hour.

I just don't want to ignore it and have something go out on me, especially when i can still return the power supply. Any suggestions?


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  1. scout_03 said:

    That manual is talking about the power button, which wouldn't apply because I have a new case. The light that i'm referring to is on the actual motherboard. It is right next to the 24 pin connector. It's labeled "AUX PWR RP4."
  2. could not find any details on that light check your old dell case and psu if there is a 4 pins aux connector that was use that the best i can do now .
  3. If you really want to get this question solved please install your old PSU into new case and see - I am almost sure it will lit as well, if yes, the problem is in front panel power connector and power connector on motherboard, are you sure that you connected all things right?
  4. Hi!
    The same amber light is on on my XPS 8300 motherboard, however, mine doesn’t boot. When I try to turn it on, the power button turns amber as well and I have 4 beep codes which stand for RAM read/write failure. I checked all connectors and they are all secure. The only upgrade I’ve done was the graphic card and it was done about a year ago without any issue.
    Would you have any idea how to solve this?
  5. There's no problem, if your talking about an amber light between the ram slots and the 24 pin socket it's suppose to be lit. It indicates that your mother board has capacitive power in it.

    Take off side panel, when you power down, remove power cable, hold down power button, you will see the light turn off.

    I hope this helps..., that way when your poking around inside you want to make sure the mother board power is discharged before you start upgrading hardware like HDD or Ram or any other items...
  6. Hi, I'm having the same problem as you. I upgraded the psu and case but my system won't boot. Can u post on how unconnected the front panel connectors like pwr led , pwr switch etc..
  7. ^you
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