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So, about a week ago my PC got the good old BSOD and crashed....then wouldn't boot up. After several failed attempts I got it to boot, but when it did there was a loud spark and I could smell burning. I checked everything, and after making sure I couldn't detect any obvious damage, I let the PC boot up windows and carefully monitored my PC as I went about my business. This happened twice, the second time I saw the spark was coming from the PSU, so I decided I was done playing around and bought a new one.

After the new PSU came in, I swapped them out and expected everything to be all good.....I was wrong. Since swapping out my PSU I cannot boot into windows. I can turn on the PC and see the BIOS begin its thing, but once it tries to load the OS, I see the windows logo begin to appear....then crash, and so the loop continues.

I thought maybe my install of Windows had been messed up, but after creating a bootable DVD of ubuntu I can't load into that either. I can see the menu, and whenever I select 'Try Ubuntu without Installing' after a moment of hesitation, the PC crashes again.

I am honestly completely stumped as to what the issue could be. The only thing I can think of is maybe the motherboard has been messed up due to a power surge caused by the old PSU giving out.

The reason I post this here is to ask if anyone experienced with motherboard failures thinks this sounds like a motherboard issue, and if so, do you think it can be fixed by flashing the BIOS? I have never flashed a BIOS before and I don't want to go fixing something if it probably isn't broken...so I wanted a second opinion.


My Specs:

Motherboard: MSI 870A-G55
CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition Thuban 3.2GHz
RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB DDR3
GPU: GeForce GTX 470

I have the OS loaded on a 50GB SSD, and the rest of my stuff on a standard 1TB HD.
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  1. Sounds like your PSU fried your system when it went...I would bread board your MoBo first...if that fails, can you get your hands on a spare mobo to verify it all boots up?
  2. *sigh* That's what I was worried about. I really can't think of what it could be but a MoBo failure. I am not familiar with bread boarding, I'll have to google it.

    I don't have a spare motherboard to test anything on unfortunately. Do you think flashing the BIOS would make a difference?
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