Who has computer slower than mine (pentium m) that they still use

I just had to retire my beloved Asus s5n after its power adapter died for the 4th time or so. Last time it died was a couple of years back, and it cost me 30 something dollars for replacement. This time i knew it was its time to go.

Asus s5n is a 1024x768 laptop, 12 inch, pentium m centrino 1.5ghz, 628mb ram, 40gb hdd.

It was my main computer from 2005 to 2009, at which point it was no longer mobile, so I bought a Toshiba nb205 netbook to use on the go, but at home, I was using the s5n when I felt the netbook screen was cramped.

For the last year or so i began to use my cohabiting girlfriend's laptop more and more, which was a 2006 celeron m 1.6ghz on 15inch screen. And I began to feel the need to upgrade... The final blow was when I found out most people use phones with more computing power than my computer! And I couldn't watch anything hd. That was a bit annoying.

The only game i was able to play was starcraft and warcraft2 with my girlfriend. Oh i also played baldurs gate 2 and planescape torment recently.

One benefit(?) of having a computer that isn't cutting edge is that you can identify badly written software. E.g. Microsoft says latest Internet Explorer is faster than competition. Well on my celeron m which runs windows 7, Internet Explorer is so slow it's simply unusable, whereas chrome runs just fine.

Now I need to buy a computer, despite my girlfriend's objection that her celeron m 1.6ghz is fine.

It seems like a10 laptops are good deal at 400$.

I think people today spend too much energy getting latest electronics. So what if you can't play god of war or arma. It blows my mind to see people upgrading every year.

There were times when frequent upgrades were justified, but i think that ended with pentium 4 3ghz, which I contend to be a fine cpu for someone to be using today.

Anybody agreeing with me?
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  1. I think you are a "small business owner" or that category of user.

    I work at an MSP and we support tons of computers like yours.

    I recommend that you refresh every 5 years. That's when IT equipment zero's out in value (ask an accountant) and should be replaced with something newer. It doesn't have to be cutting edge but you should at least be able to run software like IE along with your operating system.

    It also wouldn't hurt to upgrade the ram in your computer if you want to keep it around. It costs almost nothing (under $50 bucks) for a system as old as your to upgrade to at least 1.5 gb of ram... that way you can run IE!!!
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