Optiplex 745 Mini-Tower Graphics card

I currently own a Optiplex 745 and im looking into a new graphics card i was thinking a gtx 650ti i have a 305watt power supply
my current specs are Operating System

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

Central Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40GHz

Video Adapter Radeon X1300/X1550 Series

Video Memory 256.00 MB

Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080

Total Memory 3.94 GB
Free Memory 1.87 GB
Total Hard disk 1862.92 GB
Free Hard disk 1204.82 GB
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  1. If it can fit a full height card get a 7790 otherwise get a 7750 low profile
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    OK I got here on time, good.
    Mini Tower is not that "huge" as you think. You can not fit just any video card. Watch this video first, all Optiplexes share about the same hardware architecture
    Unfortunately no card that is more than 7.5 inches long or 2 slots wide will PHYSICALLY FIT inside the case - it was found that only single bracket video card can fit due to BTX MOBO, where card internals facing upward towards PC internals, not ATX, where dual card design is blocking another PCI slot by facing downward.
    If you prefer the card with beefier fan, then the length of the card must not exceed 7.5 inches, otherwise only "skinny" single bracket, single slot cards can physically fit.

    Pictures below will prove my point.

    View shows no room for dual bracket

    Single bracket only, or you have to cut dual bracket in half

    Here you can clearly see only single place for the bracket

    Visual explanation

    7.5 inches explained, also shown "obstacles"

    This is the picture of actual "skinny" single slot video card (not sure which model)- perfect, "glove" fit.

    So, I found 2 GDDR5 7750 cards (GDDR5 is better than GDDR3, even if GDD3 offers 2 GB RAM), which confirmed in reviews to fit Optiplex gx620, 745 and 755 cases (the difference between those models are different processors).

    Skinny, flimsier in terms of construction, completely single slot XFX 7750
    A bit beefier cooler, not as skinny, more durable in construction PowerColor AX7750

    I cannot say which one of those 2 is better, both are good and got less bad reviews related to structural build.
    I saw recent recommendation regarding drivers "Changing to the just-released AMD catalyst 13.2 BETA driver improved performance noticeably in just about every game" posted 03/05/2013.

    Next will follow maximum possible upgrade, 7750 is weaker...

    So far I found only one 7770 video card which will fit inside - PowerColor AX7770
    HIS H777FN1G Radeon HD 7770 very tight fit, almost touching heatsink
    From NVIDIA I see SPARKLE 700025 (SX650TI1024KD) GeForce GTX 650 Ti
    7750 cards do not require power supply upgrade, 650 TI and 7770 are.
    There are so many options available here so I would just recommend one of the good one CORSAIR CX500M (modular) You need 500 watt at least, stronger is better depending on your money.

    This is about it.
  3. i came across all this info you gave me while surfing for an answer and i ended up going with a the card i mentioned earlier
  4. Your choice is great for video editing and other tasks where quality of picture is more important than the speed of picture, if someone correct me it is ok, you choose DDR3 over DDR5, even with only 1 GB, DDR5 is faster than DDR3 with 4 GB. if the games are first priority. Read this review so you see where is the "catch 22".
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