How do I know which PSU is compatible with my computer?

this is my computer:

i want to upgrade my GPU, which means that i have to upgrade my weak 300W PSU, so how do i know which ones will work on my pc?

edit: im upgrading to the Radeon HD 7770 (requires 400W min.) and i dont want to spend more than $50 on the PSU
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  1. you need to know what dimensions the psu can be in accordance to the case rather than other parts of the computer. some cases can only fit certain size psus.
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    On the page you linked it states that the PSU form factor is ATX. This is the general standard for PSU's so your case should fit any regular PSU.
  3. So what is your budget? And you plan to add anything to the PC ?

    If not Antec Vp 450 is the best choice. It will provide the power for your pc :)
  4. What gpu are you upgrading to? If it's a half decent 300W PSU, it should be able to take one of the lower power GPUs.
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