Unigine Valley getting same scores despite OC's

Hey guys. Am using a Sapphire 7950 and have been running Valley 1.0 on Catalyst 13.1 drivers. Despite OC's at 1000+-1350/1400 mem. My card seems to get 32 FPS on all of the benchmarks.

The funny thing here is that when I had a mom/implementation error from un/installing CCC I tried the benchmark w/o it and my scores seemed to jump a little. They also jump up a lot as soon as I load up valley(after OC) but drop down low once I actually run the benchmark.

Specs are in my sig and I am using high performance mode. Suggestions? Thanks.
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    First, make sure the power tuning feature ("Power Control Settings" in CCC) is set to +20% (or whtvr the max is). If it doesn't help or if you already set it, download HWmonitor and check a few things during a benchmark by using the logging feature:
    -does HWmonitor show the right clock rates?
    -do the clocks remain stable throughout the bench?
    -does the voltage remain stable? how much does it deviate?
  2. Running Heaven 4.0, voltage jumps from 1.13 to 1.25. Core clock and memory stay at 850 and 1250 according to Afterburner. Hrmm.
  3. Got it. Thanks sliced. Running CCC and MSI afterburner at the same time requires that you set the overclocks in CCC first before MSI for it to take effect. Even though the numbers show correctly on the benchmarks.
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