Wireless LAN on Lenovo G580

I purchsed a Lenovo G580 a couple of days back. I installed my Windows XP SP3 on it. For the last 2 days I am trying to get my Laptop up and running but without much success.

The Wireless Driver does not work at all. I tried installing the driver that got shipped with the Laptop (Driver DVD) without success.

I tried downloading the Drivers available on Lenovo Site, but they dont work either. the WLAN9.2 for XP throws an error setup not found.

I checked the FN+F5 key. It shows that the Wierless Card is enabled.

But I cannot see the Wireless icon (serching for wireless networks) on the Taskbar.

Can someone please help me sort this issue? Or is this laptop not built for XP at all?

Thanks and regards

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  1. is it recognized in the Device Manager at all?
  2. Emerald said:
    is it recognized in the Device Manager at all?

    Actually NO. Even after installing all possible drivers it is being shown as a Network Connector with a Yellow Question mark beside it. Seems to be a driver issue. But no driver is working, not even the drivers listed on Lenovo's site.

    Pretty frustrating to be honest.
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