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I plan to build new Gaming PC , but I am confused between the diff. model of Motherboards.
I plan to install it along with intel 3.4 GHz Core I5 3570K CPU, 16 GB Ram 1600 MHz, Nvidia Vidio Card 9600 GSO (in near future I will change with higher VC such us GTX 690).
What is the best options model in Motherboards (ASUS or GIGABYTE) which cost 200-250$ (till 300$ maybe ok).
Can you please advise me along with the reason?
Thank you
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  1. Asus Maximus V Gene

    hands down the best small form factor mb you can get, and one of the top 3 motherboards you can get with the z77 chipset (the other two being significantly more expensive then 250)
  2. I like the Maximus V Formula because it came with built in wireless N and Bluetooth 4.0 myself. I happened to need blue tooth so it was a good deal. Also ready to water cool out of box if you are interested. It has fast USB charging like Gigabyte too, and the USB boost is outrageous! I read some files from my usb key at about 300 MB/s. FYI its a Sandisk USB 3 key, but it help with usb 2 keys too.
  3. thank you ingtar33 & royalcrown for your advice & I appreciate it .
    Can you please advice me with the best Maximus V model within this range 200-250$ (maybe amazon link if available).
    Maximus V have a lot of model and spec. and I don't have experience with all these spec.
    Thank you in advanced.
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    Maximus V Gene - $200 (newegg)
    ~none of the other ROG motherboards are in your pricerange.
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