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So I have a Antec sonata iii case that has 2 usb ports in the front. the problem is that when I input the western digital hard drive into the second one it has to lean to the side to get my hard drive to power on. Also when I use the first one it it will barley recognize my hard drive.

I tested this out on a HP machine and when I put it straight in it the hard drive powered up without a problem.

Would this mean the usb ports are going out? if so how do you get them fixed?
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    Sounds like the ports may have poor connections or defective contacts. To be sure it is the ports and not the header you are plugged into on the MB, try a different header if one exists. Replacing OEM front case ports can be a headache. You may want to abandon them and add front panel USB ports with an add-on unit that mounts in a drive bay.
  2. oh ok yea I tried moving the wire inside on the motherboard to the another port and it would not change so I might just go with the usb unit
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