Action center and it's report issue settings.

So I try hard to like the action center but it's hard.
Somehow I found the setting that allows me to see crash reports when a program/game crash. Now I have a fun issue, this relates to fallout 3 crashing randomly for a reason I have no idea about always the same error message.


Now action log has notified me that there is a solution. But anytime I try to access it I get this message.

This solution could not be downloaded

Most likely causes:
Your computer was unable to download the solution at this time. Check to make sure your computer is connected to the Internet, and then try to download the solution again later.

The fun thing is I'm online now and my internet works just dandy fine.
If I log on to my administrator account I do not see this solution I only see another one that doesn't help me at all.

(have admin account for anything that relates to windows like changing services and similar. And a regular account for daily use)

Would someone please tell me how I can get windows to actually show me the solution?
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  1. I'm quite positive theres none. If that was the case it would have been known by now. :)
    And when I was there last I didn't see anything about it.

    But still doesn't answer how I get the evil action center to let me see the so called solutions they have.
    As it's stuck in a loop, you'r not connected to the internet please try again. :)
  2. you using wired or wireless connection?. have you tried both?. have you update your network driver also?
  3. jungle71 said:

    you using wired or wireless connection?. have you tried both?. have you update your network driver also?

    I use wired with a network card integrated to the motherboard. With a wired connection to my router, but I doubt that's the issue.
    Since windows internet icon displays full access and my internet radio app streams flawlessly, I can browse the net as in post here and so on.
    It seems from my limited knowledge action center somehow lacks rights to execute properly. Specially as I can switch to my administrator account
    with no change in internet access or hardware changes and manage to access solutions through action center.

    I have tried in various ways to have control panel run with elevated rights but don't quite think it has managed to elevate action center.
    And I have no clue on how to elevate action center to run with full administrator rights and see if that would be the issue.
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