Which PSU Corsair gs600 or OCZ ZS750 UK ZX

I Currently have a quite nice PSU in my PC (cant remember the brand) but i'm re building it also upgrading from my bulldozer to the i7-3770k and i want to remove it due to the psu i currently have has 2 small fans its very loud.

my specs will be:
Intel I7-3770K
Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H
120GB Agility SSD
1TB Caviar Black
320GB Caviar Blue
My Case has 6 Fans (Zalman Z9 PLUS) plus push pull on hyper EVO 212+
and ALOT of usb's (3 external HDD's, 1 G15 Keyboard, Mionix Naos mouse, xbox wireless receiver, xbox controller charger, webcam)

I Just need to know which is better and which one is better for my build? if neither then i am considering the GS800 but its another £30.
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  1. What is your budget ?
  2. Between those two, the corsair, and 600 watts will be sufficient.
  3. my budget is £90 but I'm not buying online, everyone uses DPD these days and those ass holes don't know how to treat computer parts. :) Im wondering on the 800 just incase i dedideed to get another 670FTW
  4. The OCZ 750watt would be sufficient for 2 x GTX670 in SLI.
  5. Well what other options you have ? Maybe XFX Pro Core Series / Seasonic M/S II / Corsair Tx/Hx/.

    670 SLI needs ~325W so you dont need to much power. 650W PSU would do the job.

    Corsait TX 650V2 /Xfx Pro Core 650W /Seasonic MII 620 / Corsair Hx 650.
  6. Just make sure if you go the 650watt range that the PSU has 4 x PCIe power, most don't.
  7. Thank everyone, I thought about it an i though't i've gone pretty max on everything so i thought i'd just throw in a gs800 that way if I decide to upgrade I have plenty of headroom and its corsair who I know are renowned for being good power supply manufacturers.
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