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Hi Guys

Heres my problem, i need to block off access to a few selected websites on a single windows 7 Pro PC. I work for this IT Company and i am the senior technician, i need to block off access on a certain PC used by only a Junior Technician as he spends most of his time on certain sites(not work related). I did edit the Hosts file but he eventually figured it out and corrected it. I need a solution that will prevent him from accessing these few sites as it negatively impacts his work (yeah yeah i know i can just fire him, but that's not in me).

Must not be able to access internet sites from any web browser

Any help will be appreciated
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  1. I found a first written warning a pretty good way to curb behaviour - if he's deliberately circumventing your blocks, then it's a disciplinary issue, not technical.

    Other than that, look at something like IP-Fire which has a really good filtering interface based on Squid / SquidGuard and is also great for tracking / reporting on behaviour.
  2. If this is a battle between IT professionals, there really isn't a way to block him completely. You could try installing a website blockers like Sonicwall or Barracuda, but really, the best way to make him stop is to either yell at him, or let him know you are watching.
  3. Call him out on that stuff, if he's not being professional, do you wanna pick up his slack the next however many years ?
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    As you are both IT people there is no reall way to block this. You need to sit down with him and go over the rules with him. Start writeing him up then send him home with out pay. Once you start screwing with his pay we will ether wise up or find another job.

    I myself being head of IT where i work, we use a sonicwall and block the usual stuff plus all social network and youtube. This blocks everyone across the board, for me to get around this i use logmein and remote to my home computer and can lookup anything i want, or set my computer to a static ip address and alow that ip address to get out through the sonicwall. no matter how hard you try there will always be some way around what your trying to do. If you are abe to stump him and block whatever hes looking at then he will spend most of his time trying to find away around what you setup instead of working.
  5. Thanks for the help guys much appreciated
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