SSD and Sata HD- Won't boot from SSD

I have a HP Folio 9470m with a 250 gb Samsung SSD hard drive. I want to add a 500 GB sata hard drive for storage in the laptop.

However everytime I add the sata hd, the laptop tries to boot from it. Even though in bios I set the SSD above the hard drive.

Any ideas??
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  1. In my bios I have 3 options for boot priority. I set 1 to my ssd and disable the other 2. Try doing the same and see what happens.
  2. Thanks but unfortunately it isn't an option to disable.
    It is set to boot LEGACY and the only thing I can do is change the order. Not disable any of them.
  3. You can't disable? Hm. Are you sure you are saving the changes when you exit bios? Mine has a "discard changes and exit" and a "save changes and exit" option.
  4. I don't disable as an option. I can only move the boot order around and that is it. hmm
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    On my HP laptop the boot order is controlled by which SATA port the drive is connected to. Have you tried moving the drives or SATA cables?
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