Advice on a dell 470 processor upgrade kit?

I'm looking to put another process into the dell 470 computer I'm rebuilding for my brother. I found this on ebay
and it looks good, but I notice there two cpu's listed. Does that mean I replace the original cpu when I put the second one in?

Oh and I got a new video board that fit in perfectly, thanks all for that.
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  1. Those are Xeon server processors...if you're not planning to run a Server, they won't be very good for you. (They may not be compatible with your motherboard)

    You'll want something along the lines of an i5 for normal use...what is your motherboard?
  2. When you install dual processors they have to be identical, so if the cpu installed in the 470 is the same as what you are upgrading to then you dont need to replace it(you may want to find a kit with only 1 cpu), but if you currently have a different one installed then yes you would need to replace it. Do note that current dual core cpus are faster than those 2 single core xeons as they are quite old.
  3. Thanks. I don't know how what the motherboard is, I can't find anything but CN-oto820-13740478-ooAB number on it and system information on windows won't tell me either. The F2 bios start up screen tells me that the cpu is a intel Xeon running at 3.2 gh. Should I be looking for faster cpu instead of just finding a single cpu upgrade kit?
  4. I wouldn't throw good money after an 8 year old Xeon. Even with 2 CPUs those old Pentium 4 based chips would get spanked by a modern Pentium dual core.

    Better off saving it towards something new. You can get low end CPU/MB combos in the $120 range.
  5. The main advantage on this is if I mess up I don't loose anything. It's about teaching myself as much as it is giving my brother a computer. Right now all he has is a pentium 4 that struggles along with near nightly freezes.

    Then again if it cost the same anyway all that I have to do is figure out what form of mother board can fit into the case. I'll look into that.
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