Final List for first mid to mid-high gaming pc(Need help/Advice!!) Thank You!

Gigabyte Z77X-D3H
Intel i5 3570/3570k????
Kingston DR3 PC1600 8GB
Western Digital Blue 7200r 1TB
Samsung SSD 840(120GB)
Gigabyte nVIDIA GeForce GTX 650ti boost (2GB)
Corsair GS600 Bronze Gaming 600Watts
Cooler Master RC 430-KWN1 430 Black
Liteon 24x Sata Box
Samsung 23" LED Monitor
Windows Home Premium 64bit
Logitech USB Keyboard K120
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  1. Looks like a pretty solid build. Both of those cpus are compatible! If you are planning on overclocking go with the k model (cannot overclock the other)...other than overclocking they will perform the same. :)
  2. Like Senkasaw said, but I say spend the extra 20 bucks and grab the K version. I didn't and I regret it to this day when I got the 2500 instead of the 2500k. Down the road you will prob want to O.C that baby, even if it's a tiny bit.

    Edit: Other wise if you don't, grab a Z75 MOBO, as it is for non O.C CPU's and will be cheaper at least. Only reason I have an O.C board myself, is it was Shell Shocker at the time from 149.99 to 89.99. Couldn't pass up that deal.
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