amd cpu with nvidia gpu!!

and i am asking? does it take performance having cpu amd and gpu nvidia?
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  1. Well no, depends on which amd cpu you have, i myself have amdphenom ii x4 3.5ghz and a hd 6870, its a great pc, but if u have like a amd phenom ii x2 it will bottleneck, bottleneck is like the gpu is more powerfull than the cpu so your gaming perfonmance will not be the best, so it dont really matter if you have amd bulldozer+ or an i5 or i7.
  2. how about amd athlon2 x2 270 and gt 610
  3. The terms "GT 610" and "performance" only go together if there is a "poor" in there as well. :(
  4. Neither processor or GPU are very good there. They go great together however.
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