Hi i have a bit of a problem with windows 7 ultimate sound video game controller. Its mising and it kills my sound.

Hi i have been having a problem with my windows 7 ultimate sound video game controller its missing and it kills my sound... Down by the volume icon there is a little red dot with a white cross in it. And when i slide the mouse over it it says: No audio output device is installed. I have read that i should look for audio video game controller to uninstall the device to reinstall it... That is what the internet have told be.. but i cannot do this thing cause it is missing... So i think i have to try to find the driver for the audio video game controller on the internet does anybody have any idea where that i should look?
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  1. You need drivers for your it. What is your motherboard or PC model #. You should also be able to go to the device manager, right click on the sound video game controller, select update driver, choose search online and leave it for 5 mins and see if it finds the drivers.
  2. My computer is a hp pavillion dv6663eo... And sound video game controllers doesnt seem to exist in device manage, its simply not there...
  3. easy fix dude

    if you have the driver disc that came with your pc use that to install all the drivers for your system
    if no disc you will have to go to your manufacture site and download your sound driver any other drivers you might want
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