Nvidia gtx 650ti boost

I m planning to buy a new nvidia gtx 650ti boost, but confuse between gtx 660 n 650ti boost coz both of them same specs.
Most important thing is i buy gtx 660 or 650ti boost or wait for nvidia gtx 700 series, someone have any idea about that when will new series arrive.
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  1. The shader cores and texture units are different.

    Shader Cores: 650 Ti Boost = 768, 660 = 960
    Texture Units: 650 Ti Boost = 64, 660 = 80

    Waiting for the 700 series may be a while.
  2. Okk
    well, so Gtx 660 is much better
    you know which company is much better
    asus, zotac aur gigabyte
    i think evga is better but not available in india.
  3. Since they all use the same graphics chips from nvidia, the only difference between video card manufacturers is the custom cooling they add, bundled games, and warranty.
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