Stereo Mix record setting no longer working

I'm running Windows XP SP 3 on a Gateway DX200X desktop, and though I have been able to use the Stereo Mix setting to record audio as it's played by my computer in the past, this setting doesn't appear to be working at all now. Judging by the Google searches that I've done, this seems to be a fairly infamous problem, but none of the solutions I've tried have helped so far.

I use GoldWave to record most of my audio, and Stereo Mix does appear alongside Line in and Mic Volume in Goldwave's Control Properties window, but its volume is set to 0. Whenever I try raising Stereo Mix's volume and closing the window, it always gets reset to 0. Not surprisingly, if I try recording something in Goldwave with Stereo Mix selected, no sound is recorded.

I recently replaced my computer's hard drive and I was having some problems with my sound a couple months earlier (my computer stopped playing any sound, and I eventually managed to fix it by downloading a certain codec). I don't know how long the Stereo Mix has been non-functional since it has been a long time since I tried recording any audio using it. Also, all the sliders in the Recording Control window are greyed out except for the one for the Recording volume.

I'm using Realtek High Definition Audio, and here's the info for my sound setup that I was able to find:
Driver version:
DirectX version: 9.0
Audio Codec: ALC880

Any help with this problem would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  1. I decided to do another Google search, and this time I actually managed to find a working solution. If anyone else is having a problem similar to mine, try doing what cvb10000 recommends in this thread. (download and extract the contents to c:\windows\system32\drivers). This finally solved my problem -- the stereo mix setting now works just fine.
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